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Note: I apologize for the delay in posting the end of The Sunnydale Project posts. I’ve extended the giveaway as a result, to give people some more entries to make up for it. Also, the Read-a-Likes post won’t be going up, but you can find recommendations on a post (part 1 / part 2 )from Teen Librarian Toolbox from last year.

Many fans were fervently obsessed with Buffy while it was on the air. However, it is always a bit more difficult to keep the flames of fandom alive once a show has ended. Your passion can wane, and the spark can be lost. I know for me at least, my passion for the show is always there, but how I show it, and my degree of enthusiasm can change from time to time. For example, I no longer decorate my bedroom with poster upon poster of the characters, but I do still collect the books, and am going to be diving into the season 8 comics soon. How though, can you rekindle the flame of fandom passion and keep your love for the greatest show to air going? Well, here are a few ideas…

rewatchIntroduce Buffy to friends! Rewatch the show!
Go out and prophesize Buffy’s word! Seriously though, it is so fun to get friends hooked on the show. So break out the DVDs, and invite some friends over to marathon a season or two. It’s always fun to rewatch the show!  As I’ve talked about a lot this week, the show evolves each time you watch it, as you pick up on the subtleties and you can relate more and more to the characters and storylines as you grow up. 

wearWear your Buffy pride!
One of the easiest ways to start up interesting conversations and find fellow fans is to wear cool t-shirts. There are SO many awesome shirts out there that you can use to sow off your pride for the Buffyverse! Shirtoid has a ton of fun ones (pictured above) while Red Bubble has some really interesting designs!

Have you picked up any of the 100+ Buffy novelizations and tie-ins? As I discussed last year, I collect the books and can say that many of them are great! Creative storylines with the same old Scoobies! I totally recommend two books in particular:  Queen of the Slayers (continues after the finale), and Out of the Madhouse (the first in a series). Between novelizations, tie-ins, and guides, you have a lengthy reading list already! There’s also hundreds of comics to read as well, including the official season 8 & 9, produced by Joss himself, and he has even written/co-written a few directly!

Listening to the soundtracks will never fail to bring back the memories and feels! There are quite a few out there so you can pop in the Once More with Feeling CD and belt your heart out, chill out with the beautiful score by Christopher Beck, get nostalgic with the soundtrack for the first few seasons, or lastly, listen to music from the later seasons (my favourite compilation). Either way, you really can’t go wrong!

tweetParticipate in Twitter chats!
A wonderful way to find fellow Buffy fans and engage with the fandom is to participate in the weekly #Whedony chats on Twitter. They don’t always focus on Buffy, but these livetweeting discussions and rewatchs of episodes always look super fun, and it’s neat to see all the insights other fans have and their reactions!

& more!
There are SO many other ways to engage your love of Buffy and participate in the fandom: being crafty with knitting and needlework projects, staying up to date on the actors and Buffy mentions via Whedonesque, piecing together your own Clue Buffy game, playing the video games, and/or engaging in scholarly debate.

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How do you rekindle or keep going your love of Buffy? Have you ever had periods where you just weren’t as obsessed with it? How do you engage with the fandom?

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