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Recently Books With Cass shared a BloggingBFFs quiz, and we thought it would be such a fun post to do! This way we get to see how much we truly know about each other, and you all get to learn a little more about us in the process! It totally took us back to elementary and high school with those quizzes in the back of Cosmo Girl! and Seventeen magazine, like OMG!

1. How did you start talking?

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Rachelia: I sent her an email after I found her blog and noticed we had a lot in common!

She is exactly right – and I’ll add, I am always so grateful that she took the initiative to email me. Let that be a message to any shy blog readers!

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Kaitlyn: I had a personal blog that I started in September 2010 and one day (I think that spring?) Rachelia emailed me saying how much we have in common. We basically became fast friends immediately, and have been email pen pals ever since.

Yep, I think our friendversary is in May? *checks e-mails* May 30, 2011! I also remember this almost vividly because of the story you wrote on your blog how you went for a walk that night with your Mom and read the e-mail to her! 

2. How many pets do they have? Name them!

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 Rachelia: OK, Katy has one dog and her name is…. damn, I think it starts with a K as well? Kiera? Now I’m second guessing  myself and thinking I made that up, haha!

Close… it’s Casey. I’ll point out too that just before I revealed Casey’s name in a gchat, Rachelia guessed it correctly!

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Kaitlyn: Two pugs… Bella and Buddy. I think!

Ding-ding-ding! Correct! 

3. What is their favorite hobby other than reading?

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Rachelia: Listening to music, running?

She’s nailed it again… I’m not really a person who does a lot of hobbies but I would probably add sailing and skiing too, I guess.

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Kaitlyn: That is hard… I can’t think of an activity, per se, but Rachelia is always caught up on the news and always has something to say about politics and social issues, particularly relating to feminism. I guess in a way I would consider her passion for social education a bit of a hobby. :)

Wow, OK I honestly didn’t know what Katy would write because I myself never really know what to put. Really touched that she picked up on all the stuff I post on social media (and yammer on to her about on occasion, haha!)

4. Favorite place to eat? Or favorite food.

Rachelia small avatar

 Rachelia: Favourite snack food at least I think is Pringle chips. Also loves ice cream (mint chocolate chip?)

Haha YES – I am a chip connoisseur, so I’d add Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese Doritos, and Lays Cheddar & Onion… it really depends on the mood. ;) I love ice cream in the summer and mint chocolate chip is my favourite when I’m not going for a classic vanilla soft serve.

Katy small avatar
Kaitlyn: Not. A. Clue. Although I think she likes cheese and chocolate a lot… like me. ;)  I do know she loves tea, though!

Pretty spot on, as I’m having chocolate and tea as I format this post!

5. Name their top three favorite authors (one point for each right!)

Rachelia small avatar
Rachelia: DEFINITELY L.M Montgomery . Hmm, Kristin Cashore and JK Rowling?

100% yes to each of these authors. I also love Timothy Findley, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Jane Austen (but I haven’t really reviewed those authors so I’m not surprised she didn’t mention them!).

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 Kaitlyn: I’m not sure who she’d consider favourite authors because she reads very widely. I know she loves J. K. Rowling. She likes Marie Landry a lot. I think recently she’s become quite a fan of Kristin Cashore. Other than that I couldn’t say… when I think of Rachelia’s reading tastes, they are pretty eclectic and varied, and she isn’t a fanatic of many authors.

This is me to a T. I have such a hard time naming favourite authors because I have varied reading tastes and I don’t usually end up reading a lot of any one author’s work. There would be a few others  I could think of (like David Levithan) but she has my most recent obsessions absolutely correct.

6. What is one thing you both LOVE other than books?

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Rachelia: Dogs! Mystery shows! Country music!

Yes, yes, and yes! Now that I think about it almost everything that I’m into these days overlaps with Rachelia’s interests.

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Rachelia: MUHAHAHAH that has  been my grand scheme all along, Katy! ;) JK. But it’s practically the same for me being drawn into your interests too (Murdoch Mysteries, Rookie Blue, Kristin Cashore).

Katy small avatar

 Kaitlyn: TRAVEL. Big time :) We are both very introverted and homebodies at heart, but we also have LOTS of wanderlust at times!

Hmm, I’ll give this one to Katy, since we both studied abroad. That’s the only time I’ve travelled, but it is true, we do share a lot of wanderlust!

7. What is their favorite genre?

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 Rachelia: Might be a tie between fantasy and contemporary?

Yes – depends on my mood for which is a favourite – but I’d have to throw historical fiction in there as a three-way tie. (And medieval fantasy is a particular favourite because it kind of ticks both of those boxes!)
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 Kaitlyn: Historical fiction. She’s a huuuge history nerd, which is no surprise considering she majored in history in university!

Yes, and also contemporary! (Can’t believe I forgot historical fiction for you!!)

8. What’s their favorite TV show?

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Rachelia: Heartland, Rookie Blue.

Haha yep! That’s my winter show and my summer show. I don’t allow myself to watch more than one show regularly, but I have been known to voraciously binge-watch others when I have a school break. ;)

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Kaitlyn: Rachelia’s a bit of a TV buff. She’s a huge Buffy fan! Also Sherlock, Gilmore Girls, and Downton Abbey.

Katy could have named like 20+ different shows, haha! Recent favourites are Murdoch Mysteries (which I watched on her recommendation) and Suits (just finished season 2 last night).

9. What month is their birthday in?

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Rachelia: Ahhh without looking at Facebook *thinks hard* I don’t think I have missed it this year so… I think it’s middle of June?

Yes! I am impressed… I am bad with dates. :(

Katy small avatar

 Kaitlyn: I know it’s in August and I think it’s around the 17th… because if I’m not mistaken, it’s just around two months after mine!

August 16th! Good estimate!

10. What is the last post/video she posted? (a good friend follows your blog of course!)

Rachelia small avatar
Rachelia: Review of The History of Love (at the time we did the quiz this was correct). (Aaaand I actually haven’t had time to read and comment on it, whoooops!)

I know Rachelia has been faithfully reading my reviews lately so I knew she’d get this right! :D

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Kaitlyn: This is pretty easy considering we’re co-authors of our blog, but her last post was about reducing blogging and giveaway costs. (Which is fantastic! Check it out!)


Each answer is a point. So:

1-3 points It seems you need to chat a bit more!  Get down to the nitty gritty!

5-6 points Warming up!  Definitely need to delve a little deeper to maintain ur BFF status though!

7-8 points Woo! You’re on fire. Almost perfect. Maybe pay a but more attention to small details but give each other a high five you’re awesome!


Rachelia small avatar
Rachelia: I got 11 correct! Woo hoo!


Katy small avatar
Kaitlyn: 12 correct! BOO YA! :)



That was SO much fun! Have you taken the Blogging BFFs Quiz? If so, leave a link in the comments! Who would you say is your blogging BFF? Your BFF IRL? Did any of our answers surprise you? What do we have in common? Let us know!

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